Formerly known as Villa Holzmann, the SKYPER Villa is one of the few remaining historic buildings on the Taunusanlage. The fully-restored neoclassical Villa, built in 1913, is listed as a historic monument and has views down the Taunusanlage from its location as the representative entrance to the SKYPER ensemble. Thanks to comprehensive modernization work carried out in 1994, the SKYPER Villa offers both stylish working surroundings and modern technical comfort within a historic building. The elaborately decorated entrance hall and its location on the corner of the Taunusanlage/Taunustor are symbolic of the entire SKYPER ensemble.


  • 6-story historic villa
  • 6,200 m2 office space
  • Ceiling height of office floors
  • Prestigious approach route to the villa
  • Lobby with welcome area
  • Paternoster listed as a historic monument, modern lift core
  • 9m high glass hall connecting the building with the SKYPER Tower


Sample room plan


Sample room plan

Areas available

The following office areas are available in the SKYPER Villa:

5th floor      604m2

Rental contact

Do you have questions about SKYPER, would like more information, or would be interested in arranging a viewing? Please get in touch in writing or by phone:

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Andrea Walther

Tel.: +49 (0)69 7126 6616
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