Fans of sushi, summer rolls, and spring bowls can rejoice: With a grand opening party, Tokygon in the Hashtag#SKYPER Carré has officially opened its doors and is now serving Asian delicacies right next to the SKYPER Tower. The name, combining Tokyo and Saigon, says it all: Inspired by a Japanese-Vietnamese romance, Tokygon offers dishes, ingredients, and harmonious fusions from the beloved culinary traditions of both countries.

Guests at the opening were already convinced by the concept: extremely fresh, beautifully presented food that not only tastes fantastic but is also served by a super friendly staff—this is how the many 5-star reviews on Google can be summarized. The stylish ambiance, which blends Japanese and Vietnamese influences just like the menu, also received enthusiastic approval.

With this new culinary offering, tenants of the SKYPER now have another quality option for lunch and dinner. We wish you a good appetite and pleasant times!

JEPPE HEIN ENTANGLED EMOTIONS– A site-specific sculpture for Frankfurt’s urban space

Between the iconic SKYPER Tower and the listed SKYPER Villa lies a sheltered forecourt in the middle of Frankfurt‘s banking district. Bright yellow, three monumental streetlights have been winding their way up to the sky there since these days. Reflected in the gleaming façade of the tower, the ensemble now forms the artistic prelude to this location and opens up a dialogue with the surroundings and its people. Elongated, curved, swaying masts with wide arches, tight curves and small loops combine to create dancing, moving forms. The sculptures provide identity by day and guiding light at night.

Jeppe Hein, who studied at Städelschule in Frankfurt and has a deep connection to the city, was aware of the inner-city contrasts when he developed the three-part work Entangled Emotions (2024) as site-specific light sculptures especially for the SKYPER forecourt. Hein‘s commissioned work for Frankfurt is a social interplay between city, people and open space: created to functionally and poetically extend a playful invitation to linger.

Entangled Emotions was conceived as a permanent work in urban space and commissioned by Ampega Asset Management GmbH as the owner‘s representative. SKYPER Tower is a landmark in the Frankfurt skyline. Its unusual floor plan in the shape of a quarter circle gives the high-rise its architectural extravagance, and the SKYPER has always been one of the smartest high-rises in Frankfurt in terms of sustainability, efficiency and innovation. Ampega is continuing along this path, with a focus on inspiring working environments and a new urban quality of life. As part of the development of the tower, the public areas on the first floor and the forecourt of the SKYPER are now being redesigned under the leadership of the architecture firm BilleBeyeScheid from Frankfurt. The architects paid particular attention to creating a suitable setting for Jeppe Hein‘s art.

The inauguration of the art and the new public areas of the SKYPER, including the forecourt, will take place in the summer. Further information will follow.

Commissioned by Ampega Asset Management GmbH as the owner‘s representative Curated by Euphoria Gesellschaft für Kunst im urbanen Raum mbH.

Interview with Erkan Sarier

Since autumn 2022, Erkan Sarier has been working at Ampega as a project manager for SKYPER. With a professional background as an architect and real estate economist, he plays a significant role in the further development of SKYPER. In our interview series "The Brains Behind the Building," he provides us with an insight into his diverse and varied range of responsibilities.

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With an extensive modernization program, the appearance of the entrance, lobby, and elevator lobby at SKYPER is now being further optimized for tenants and guests.
The first step towards this goal has already been taken with the new lounge furniture in the lobby. Further modernization measures are now planned, which will be implemented gradually over the next few months. These include the renewal of the forecourt to the high-rise building, a more than 10-square-meter welcome screen in the lobby, as well as a completely redesigned elevator lobby on the ground floor featuring luxurious natural stone and an impressive lighting ceiling. Additionally, tenants and friends of the building can look forward to another very special highlight. More details on this will follow soon...

Thinking About Tomorrow Today – Maximally Flexible Floor Plans in SKYPER

When the Working World Changes Fundamentally, Office Layouts Must Keep Up with New Requirements for Flexibility and Efficiency. Thanks to an optimization of the fire protection concept, SKYPER's floor plans now offer even more variable and efficient configuration options. Up to 90 workstations can now be accommodated on a single floor. With a construction grid of 1.40 meters, all conceivable layout configurations can be flexibly implemented—from communicative open-plan offices to mixed-use spaces and classic individual offices.

The open kitchenette areas serve as places of meeting and exchange. Ceiling heights of 3 meters convey a sense of freedom and spaciousness. Floor-to-ceiling, partially openable windows provide a breathtaking 360° panoramic view over the banking metropolis, further enhancing the sense of openness.

Always a little different—providing daily new inspirations! The working world is constantly evolving, and SKYPER evolves with it.


Thinking About Tomorrow Today – SKYPER SMART-CHARGING

Driving into the Future: Electric Vehicle Charging at SKYPER. SKYPER is embracing the future of mobility by installing the first 40 electric vehicle (EV) charging points in its underground garage, equipped with wall boxes by mid-2024.

The future-proof charging infrastructure at SKYPER combines high safety standards, user-friendly operation, connectivity for tailored billing solutions, and intelligent energy and load management—all in one solution. Each charging point offers up to 22 kW of charging power, efficiently managed through dynamic and phase-accurate charging, with LED status indicators and transparent energy metering.

Smart charging at SKYPER not only promotes sustainable resource utilization but also allows for tailored adjustments to meet the individual needs of tenants.

AMPEGA Student Trainees Visit SKYPER

Professional Insights and Curious Questions: Nine Student Trainees from the Real Estate Department of Ampega Asset Management GmbH Spend an Exciting Day in the Impressive Office Tower How do potential tenants experience SKYPER in the newly furnished model floor? How does the sustainable technology of the tower work? And what is the view like from the top over the city's rooftops?

"Even in less than perfect weather, the view is breathtaking," was the unanimous opinion of the group from Cologne, accompanied by Property Manager Daniela Stegemann and guided through SKYPER by Building Manager Cäsar Feldmann (WISAG) and Leasing Manager Stefan Frielingsdorf. The group also took the opportunity to test out the lounge feeling in the newly equipped lobby and found it to be excellent!

Stylish Lounge Feeling in the SKYPER Lobby

The SKYPER lobby has always been representative. From now on, it invites you to linger with timeless design and plenty of style. This is achieved through features such as a large Soft-Work lounge group by Vitra and relaxation spots with comfortable armchairs from the famous designer Antonio Citterio's Grand Repos collection. The SKYPER Lounge is the ideal location for relaxed interactions with clients, friends, and colleagues. How about enjoying a delicious café latte or a snack? Sit down, feel at ease, enjoy the cozy ambiance – and the redesign is still ongoing, so stay tuned!

Thinking About Tomorrow Today – Limitless Connectivity at SKYPER

From the Underground Garage to the Elevator – Always Connected at SKYPER. Driving into the underground garage, quickly hopping into the elevator, and suddenly going offline—this won’t happen at SKYPER. Here, tenants and their guests benefit from nearly limitless performance and connectivity. From the underground garage to the elevators and into the rental areas, SKYPER ensures seamless connectivity.

Features include:

  • Wi-Fi in the lobby and public areas
  • Fiber-optic connections on every floor
  • Choice of providers with the ability to switch to the in-house provider within a maximum of 48 hours
  • Redundant supply lines to prevent outages

The high-speed network of the future is already a reality at SKYPER.


Martin Borries is responsible for SKYPER as the Property Manager and Construction and Project Controller at Tectareal Property Management GmbH. He knows the building inside out. In the interview, he provides intriguing insights into his work and explains, among other things, the fundamental differences between SKYPER and other comparable existing skyscrapers.

Download Interview

SKYPER First Existing High-Rise in Germany to be SmartScore Platinum Certified

SmartScore is a globally recognized certification for smart buildings, and SKYPER is the first existing high-rise in Germany to receive the highest accolade in Platinum!

By implementing the latest, cutting-edge, and market-leading technologies, as well as excellent building automation, SKYPER demonstrably meets the highest standards for sustainability, user experience, energy efficiency, connectivity, and building systems, operations, and security. This certification ensures that users have access to a digital infrastructure that guarantees a seamless workplace experience, significantly enhancing collaboration, productivity, health, and well-being.

What Can a SmartScore Platinum-Certified Building Achieve?

  • Advanced Building Automation: Integration of state-of-the-art building automation systems.
  • ESG Tracking: Smart building systems allow for the tracking of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Optimal connectivity and functionality improve the overall user experience.
  • High-Speed Network Providers: Availability of multiple high-speed network providers through building infrastructure.
  • Redundancy and Reliability: Redundancy and switch-over mechanisms ensure reliability in case of disruptions.
  • Maximum Security: Ideal access control and cybersecurity protocols provide a high level of security.
  • Productivity Services: Provision of building services that enhance individual productivity.
  • Optimized Elevator Management: Reduced transfer and waiting times through optimized elevator control.

SKYPER sets a new standard for smart, sustainable, and user-centric high-rise buildings in Germany, providing a model for future developments.

Thinking About Tomorrow Today – New Light for the Digital Office at SKYPER

Limitless Connectivity at SKYPER Digitalization not only influences how we live but also how we work. As everyone becomes increasingly connected, office spaces can be used more flexibly and economically. Fortunately, SKYPER is already prepared for this future.

Adaptable Lighting Solutions:

  • Intelligent Lighting: With light that adjusts to every office situation, helping to optimize space management and indoor climate according to tenants' individual needs.
  • New Generation of Lighting: The new generation of luminaires at SKYPER comes from Waldmann, the world market leader in mobile office lighting, and is called YARA. It is the most intelligent and customizable floor lamp to date.

Features of YARA LED Floor Lamp:

  • Cradle-to-Cradle Design: Developed according to the latest Cradle-to-Cradle principles.
  • Intelligent PIR Sensors: Motion and daylight-dependent.
  • LTX Multisensor: Ensures a comfortable working environment.
  • Energy Savings: Achieved through demand-driven ventilation, heating, and cooling.
  • Weather-Controlled Room Automation: Further enhances energy efficiency.

With these advanced lighting solutions, SKYPER supports a flexible, comfortable, and efficient working environment for the digital age.

REACHING FOR THE SKY IN TENANT SATISFACTION – Interview with Sascha Christen und Cäsar Feldmann (WISAG)

Sascha Christen manages the building technology in the SKYPER ensemble as the facility manager, with Cesar Feldmann as his deputy. The two of them, representing WISAG, ensure that everything in the Smart Building operates as intelligently as intended. In our series "The Brains Behind the Building," we interviewed them about their responsibilities, daily routine, and career paths.

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SKYPER CARRÉ - Living mega-central in Mainhattan

Living mega-central in Mainhattan? With Frankfurt's Central Park – the Taunusanlage leading from the Old Opera to Taunustor – practically right at your doorstep? In the SKYPER Carré, this isn't just a cool dream but a cosmopolitan option located in the heart of the bustling financial district, perfectly connected to the wide world. Five floors, beautiful modern apartments on top, a nice Italian downstairs, soon a tasty Asian addition, parking in the in-house underground garage, and much more. Working, shopping, chilling, traveling – urban city life is waiting for you! Learn more about rental opportunities here: https://www.pomer-immobilien.de

Green Oasis in the Heart of the Vibrant City

Right outside the door of Villa SKYPER, the parking areas of the Taunusanlage offer a welcome respite from the everyday work routine. Here, you can take a short break, breathe fresh air, and clear your mind. The park, adorned with numerous monuments, extends from Taunustor to the Alte Oper. With well-kept lawns, large deciduous trees, and remnants of the old fortification wall, the Taunusanlage is a green oasis in the midst of the bustling city. The Beethoven monument stands atop a small hill. Nearby, Kolbe's Heine monument, the Schiller monument, and many other artworks find their place. Junghofstraße divides the park, which then continues toward the Opernplatz. Behind the historical facade of the Alte Oper, styled in Neo-Renaissance, lies one of Germany's most important concert halls. Visitors can expect a high-quality program featuring classical music, jazz, and globally successful shows. The Taunusanlage also hosts the S-Bahn station of the same name, a stop for nearly all regional lines. From here, SKYPER is only a few steps away.

SKYPER OFFICE SPACE MARKETING TEAM – Interview with Juliane Zirpins und Stefan Frielingsdorf

Juliane Zirpins, BNP Paribas Real Estate, and Stefan Frielingsdorf, Ampega Asset Management, have been the core of the SKYPER office space marketing team for some time. For our series "The brains behind the building," we spoke with the two of them.

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SKYPER - The new Video

Join us on our tour of SKYPER! In our new video, you can take a fascinating look behind the scenes of this unique building. State-of-the-art technology, impressive views, and flexible office spaces make SKYPER a top location for innovative companies. Good yesterday, even better tomorrow!

Note: The video is in German language!

Ampega achieves renewed leasing success in the SKYPER

An existing tenant from the financial sector was also convinced to remain in SKYPER on the basis of the high quality of the already converted rental space and the transformation of SKYPER to the latest technical standards, and remains loyal to the excellent location in the middle of Frankfurt's banking district. The tenant is extending its existing lease for the long term. The rental space over 1.5 floors will be converted to the new standard in SKYPER according to joint planning by the tenant and landlord in a high-quality manner and equipped with the latest technology.

UP WITHOUT LIMITS – Interview with Marcus Peffeköver

In addition to LEED Gold for excellent sustainability and WiredScore Platinum for outstanding connectivity, SKYPER has received a SmartScore pre-certification, making it one of the few buildings to achieve this recognition. As part of our interview series "THE BRAINS BEHIND THE BUILDING," we had a conversation with Marcus Peffeköver, Project Manager at Ampega Asset Management GmbH, about Smart Buildings. Find out today how SKYPER has become a pioneer in the Smart Building sector and how this will sustainably transform our work environment.

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Ampega Renews Lease Agreement with Dr. Lübke & Kelber GmbH in SKYPER Carré

Ampega continues to sail smoothly with SKYPER. The high-quality renovation of the already converted rental spaces and the excellent location of SKYPER in the heart of Frankfurt's financial district have convinced the mid-sized transaction advisor, Lübke Kelber, to extend the existing lease agreement long-term and lease additional space in SKYPER Carré. The future rental area of over 900 m2 on the ground floor and first floor will be renovated to a high standard in line with the new SKYPER standard and equipped with the latest technology.

The SKYPER complex, comprising three building components, brings together office spaces, dining options, and residential areas. Sustainability and cutting-edge technology define the building complex around the SKYPER Tower, which ranks among the most distinctive and innovative office buildings in Frankfurt. Ampega Asset Management GmbH continuously evaluates potential optimization measures. Whether it's heating and cooling systems, elevator installations, room automation, network technology, energy supply, or electric mobility, SKYPER sets new standards in every aspect. The rental spaces are perfectly tailored to the Frankfurt market and meet the needs of companies expecting a modern building with forward-looking technology.

UP WITHOUT LIMITS – Interview with Djam Mohebbi-Ahari

Explore the fascinating world of SKYPER alongside Djam Mohebbi-Ahari! In our exclusive interview, you'll gain exciting insights. Learn more about the background and unique features of this outstanding landmark building in a prime location. A behind-the-scenes look that piques curiosity!

Download the full interview!


Enjoy your summer vacation!

Whether you're lying on the beach, taking a city trip, going on an adventure journey, or simply enjoying your free time at home: The SKYPER Team wishes all tenants, partners, friends, and followers a beautiful and relaxing summer vacation!


A modern icon on the rise. The Skyper is now also on LinkedIn.

The Skyper is a modern icon on the move, heading into a new era. In the middle of Frankfurt's vibrant banking district, everything is ready for a future without compromise. Visit the Skyper now on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/skyper-frankfurt. Experience how the Skyper creates a unique combination of work, life and urban quality of stay, perfectly tailored to the needs of demanding companies.


Skyper now also awarded covetedWired Score Platinum certification!

The Skyper, one of the most well-known and prestigious office buildings in Frankfurt am Main, has recently been awarded the coveted Wired Score Platinum Certification. This accolade confirms the building's high technological standards and excellent connectivity.

Since 2021, the Skyper has undergone comprehensive modernization to meet the demands of the modern business world. The building's redesign included a variety of technical upgrades to provide tenants with a first-class working environment. The Wired Score Platinum Certification is a testament to the successful implementation of these efforts.


UP WITHOUT LIMITS Discover the Skyper!

Did you know that Skyper not only offers first-class office spaces but also features a unique connecting hall between the historic villa at Taunusanlage 1 and the Skyper Tower? The spectacular, 9-meter-high glass hall provides an inviting atmosphere for encounters and collaboration. At the café-bar .mer, you can enjoy a delicious selection of coffee, refreshing soft drinks, and international snacks while enjoying a spectacular view of the impressive Skyper skyscraper. During the summer, the adjacent café garden is an ideal place to meet, exchange ideas, and make new connections in the fresh air.

Always fabulous

the view from the office on the 32nd floor

Office with a view

a perspective only the Skyper can offer

Feel good food and drinks!

mer - the Skyper Café and Bistro in the connecting hall between the Villa and Lobby - has started the new year with many new ideas. mer stands for fresh flavors in a modern kitchen. The operators take pride in the dishes they serve and the experiences they create. The mer kitchen is creative, organic, and always serves fresh food that excites modern people.

The goal is to use wonderful and thoughtfully sourced products from the region to create meals that are vibrant, exciting, and nourishing. And give you a good feeling. Are you also ready to expand your palate?


Due to its great success and the enthusiastic response from guests, mer - the Skyper Café and Bistro in the connecting hall between the Villa and Lobby - will now offer its popular taco creations not only on Tuesdays but also on Wednesdays. Tacos, nachos, and much more await the guests!

Ampega leases space on the 35th floor to Beyond Capital

Ampega Asset Management GmbH announces another leasing success for the new owner of SKYPER in Frankfurt's banking district. Private equity company Beyond Capital Partners GmbH has signed a long-term lease agreement at SKYPER, located at Taunusanlage 1 in Frankfurt/Main.

The space on the 35th floor will be occupied during the course of 2023. The tenant was particularly impressed by the high-quality of the rental space and the excellent location, combined with the fantastic panoramic view of Frankfurt.